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Cinema & TV

Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production operates in cinema and TV sectors with the production of:

  • Creative content
  • Content production
  • Logistics and services
  • Locations
  • Authorisations for the shootings
  • Guests
  • Casting 
  • Direction
  • Production of New TV shows, Talk Shows, Docu Reality, Interviews, Reportages, Television Events 
  • Original scripts for Cinema and TV, new Formats
  • Crew for filming with director, cameramen, assistants, makeup and hairstyle.
  • 4K cameras, drones
  • Editing
  • Realisation of 3D animation, matte paintings 
  • Music for Cinema and TV, Sound tracks, Jingles
  • Choreography for cinema 
  • Scenographies 
  • Costumes 
  • Technical team 
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